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Join Our Community with Slack

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When we owned Dinos&Darlings, I was running the shop from 10-5 every single day. This meant daytime meetings of any importance were pretty much impossible. I had a great staff who lightened the load, but my evenings became sacred. So sacred that when someone mentioned an after hours gathering, I looked at them with the same angry eyes I gave the snarky anesthesiologist at Gus’ birth. If you’re like me, the thought of ANOTHER commitment (really no matter how helpful it may be to your business) makes you cringe…errrr cry in the corner until your partner brings you a glass of wine and your calendar and whispers, “pencil it in, babe.”

As we’ve fazed out of life as Dinos&Darlings and into this thing we’re calling The Social Larsons, we’ve had some enlightening and idea generating conversations with our small business peers. The most productive of these conversations have happened spontaneously and without calendar strategizing and date reworking. Without the stress of another meeting. We’re learning tons about social media and the positive impact it can have on small businesses specifically. We’re learning about what we can do as advocates for downtown Dover, and what else this city can do for its small businesses. We want to start a conversation with you! We’ve thought about hosting gatherings, presentations, networking happy hours, etc with the goal of creating a small business community and keeping it loose. But that’s just another date to pencil in, right?


Slack is a FREE messaging product built for teams. It allows members to easily communicate all in one place. Imagine combining text messaging, email, Facebook messenger and whatever else you use to chat with your peers. You can easily share links, images and host semi-public as well as private chats. In Slack we can create “channels” which are different discussion topics. Remember that social media question you had, but didn’t know who to ask? Join our Slack and check out our Facebook, Instagram, Content Calendar or Strategy Channels and ASK AWAY. Want to know which businesses are using which social media platforms? Anyone who joins Slack can chime in and share their experiences based on your question. Want real life examples of what social media strategies are working for others? Other members of the channel can share screen shots, links and images of solutions and ideas that have been successful for them. Maybe you just have an idea for the City of Dover. Post it and get direct feedback from other local business owners. The more members we have on our local Slack channel, the bigger and more productive the conversation becomes. Let’s improve our businesses and impact our future without adding another single date to our busy calendars.

Who do we want to join our Slack Channel, other than you of course?
-Small Business Owners
-Local Entrepreneurs
-Social Media Fans, Experts, Newbies
-Anyone interested in adding to the conversation! Invite your friends, co-workers and employees to join with you.

Let’s stay in touch, share ideas and create a stir. Who’s in? 

To join, simply click on the link below and submit your email.

Join us on our Slack channel for small businesses


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