LIVE from the Larson’s

LIVE from the Larson’s

live from the larsons

POST UPDATE: DataDan originally scheduled our LIVE data viz smack in the middle of my weekly yoga class. And everyone knows, you don’t mess with a mama’s zen. So we will see you WEDNESDAY May 4th at 7pm(ish)!

Get ready for some fun! For this week’s whiteboard data visualization, we are going to design and draw it LIVE on Facebook. What is Facebook Live and how do you use it? Baltimore based PR professional, Ashlene Larson, answers those questions and more here.

Back to our LIVE data viz…on Wednesday May 4th (may the fourth be with you) around 6pm we will launch our live feed here on our Facebook page. At that time, we will pose a question and build our data visualization around your live answers in the comments. You will get to see the whole thing go down. Dan’s terrible whiteboard skills, Lynsey’s compulsive typography, Nola and Gustave interrupting as much as possible…welcome to our Wednesday night people!

So join us and get ready for some WNL with the Larson Family. It’s like SNL minus the political sketches and cool guest musician…unless of course Gus gets out the keyboard and Nola goes off on one of her feminist rants.

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