Operation Get “Go Go” Going has LAUNCHED!

Operation Get “Go Go” Going has LAUNCHED!

We’re Kickstarter rejects! But that’s okay, we get it. Their guidelines call for creative projects with a clear beginning and end. During the review process, Operation: Get Go Go Going was not considered such a project. Technically we disagree, but none the less, we get it. We filed a short little appeal (you only get 500 characters), but we don’t expect them to reconsider. In the meantime, while I wasn’t screaming, “Whyyyyyyy? Whyyyyyyyy?” (Nancy Kerrigan style…sorry)— I googled “why does kickstarter hate me?”

Not really. I googled, “Why did Kickstarter reject my campaign”. My screen was a-flutter with blog posts, company websites, small business firm pages…all telling me not to give up. Lots of start-ups have had the same experience as us. Unknowingly pouring blood sweat and tears (yea, baby tears) into their Kickstarter campaign presentation, only to have it rejected. As we previously wrote about, we chose Kickstarter because we LOVED the concept of an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign. If we reach the goal amount, it’s on! If not, no one is out their generous contribution. Well, turns out there’s a place where a lot of us K.R.’s (that’s kickstarter rejects) turn to. It’s called Indiegogo…yep, should have known it was a match made in heaven solely based on the name.

Indiegogo is virtually identical to Kickstarter. The difference comes down to the fact that Indiegogo has no application/review process. Also, Indiegogo has two forms of funding. One is “flex”- you can collect contributions even if you don’t reach your project’s set goal. BUT they also have “fixed funding” for projects like ours- the goal you set is reached or everyone who contributed is refunded. Just. Like. Kickstarter.

Don’t get me wrong, we still love Kickstarter. It’s awesome. It would have been an honor to pass their review process (which by the way is completely subjective and handled by exactly 37 reviewers, ranging in different categories…tough crowd). But truthfully, we aren’t up for any more waiting. Indiegogo is a widely used, well known solution for those start-ups who fall into the “kickstarter black hole”. So that’s us!
Here’s the appeal we wrote to Kickstarter:

Reconsider! It’s a creative venture with a clear beginning & end. The funding we seek is for the conversion of a box truck into a mobile boutique. We speak for those “modern parents” who are tired of the big name stores’ solution to parenting products. We want quality goods for our kids and us at our finger tips! We’ll support LOCAL artisans & companies by carrying their products (literally) around the mid-Atlantic region. Vroomin’ Zoomin’ Whimsy Spewin’. Give us a Go-Go!
L,D &the littles

Not sure if/when we’ll hear back, but we’re moving on. Our Indiegogo campaign runs for 30 days from RIGHT NOW. I won’t bore you with any more details. Watch our wacky launch day video and follow the link at the end to check out the full campaign! And don’t forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE with others!


Here is the link directly to the indigogo page.


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