LIVE Whiteboard Visualization: May the Fourth

LIVE Whiteboard Visualization: May the Fourth


This week we were feeling dangerous…so we went LIVE for our Weekly Whiteboard Visualization. <— ICYMI you can see the recording on our FB page. We utilized the new Facebook Live feature that was recently introduced. It was so easy and fun to implement. We used it as a behind the scenes look at our process. Here’s some more ways to use it for your small biz.

This week’s visualization comes in the form of a scatterplot with a couple additional dimensions. First, we plotted the characters from the Star Wars franchise on a graph using amount of screen time (in minutes) they received and the total number of films in which they were included. We also utilized color to show the differences in the light and dark side characters…and a separate color for jar-jar (pffffff).

This ones for you, Dan.

Finally, as we did our live stream we increased the dot size to reflect the popularity of each character. This is where Facebook LIVE got really fun. We had our audience comment live with their vote for best Star Wars character. Did we mention we did this all on May the Fourth aka STAR WARS DAY? What a great way to celebrate! Thanks for joining us and tuning in for our first experiment with Facebook live. We learned tons already (not just about Star Wars) and can’t wait to share our TOP 5 TIPS for a great FB LIVE stream. So stay tuned right here. If you caught our LIVE video , you will notice Lynsey took the original sketch and developed it just a bit for our finished data viz.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.08.51 PM
Original Draft: For this Viz, I used data from IMDB. Maybe one of these days I will get serious and pull data from this Star Wars API. (nerd alert)

Finished Data Viz: Lynsey got her hands on the draft and sharpened it up a bit.


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