Go Go Updates & Saturday spit-out-your-coffee Laugh

Go Go Updates & Saturday spit-out-your-coffee Laugh

Foreshadowing of Gus after one too many “Let It Go” performances by his sister & cousins…


We thought we would say “thanks” for your support by making you laugh so hard you spit out your coffee. This one’s for all the parents and grandparents who know EVERY SINGLE WORD of the Frozen soundtrack. And for those of you who don’t understand the blind rage caused by the 27th rendition of this dramatic musical masterpiece, we’ll send Nola over for an afternoon performance that will fry your brain. In all the best ways of course!

Our Indiegogo campaign “Project: Get Go Go Going” launched last week and has exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only have we raised $1,360 (at this moment), but there’s been A TON of interest in our idea via social media and other outlets from friends, small businesses and strangers alike! We have big plans for this coming week. A new (PROFESSIONAL) video, a guest post on the fabulous Chockababy.com, and MORE surprises…and charts of course.

Whether you’ve already contributed, you plan on contributing, or you’ve shared our project with others…THANK YOU!

We are still reaching out to other small businesses in need of advertising. Our contribution perks include advertising space on our truck and logo printing on our shopping bags. We still have 3 Limited Edition Baby Shower perks available. For that $150 contribution, we will attend the baby shower with cupcakes and mocktails *PLUS* a discount for the mommy-to-be. Cupcakes & mocktails (those are delicious non-alcoholic beverages) alone for an event would cost that much, so why not let us do it for you! This perk will be available right after we open in JULY! And lastly we still have the coveted FIRST EVER Go Go Bambino home party with CUSTOM MADE invitations, cupcakes and a special discount for the host! As this will be the first party we attend, it will be available immediately upon opening in JUNE.

So keep spreading the word. And send people our way: http://igg.me/at/GoGoBambino/x/6470544
We so appreciate it! Now let us profess some more adoration for our contributors so far. You guys are the bees knees, cat’s pajamas, the elephant’s instep, the snake’s hips, the kipper’s knickers.

The Davidson Crew
Ashlene & Dave Larson
Ken Blom
Ashley Binford
The Future Mr. & Mrs. Flis
Steph & Nick Adams
Erin Thwaites & Bel Boutique
Michelle & Dan Duke
Bridget Davila
Georgia Castellano
The Mighty Murthas
Tiffany Preston
Connie Richard & Hartly Family Learning Center
*and a few other anonymous angels 😉

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