Five Delaware Community Pages to FOLLOW

Five Delaware Community Pages to FOLLOW


As our blog evolves, one topic we hope to focus on is Social Media…for two reasons. First, we are building a business around the value of it. Second, we know it’s become your (and everyone else’s) first source for information on all sorts of topics and events. We’re highlighting the best Community Pages in Delaware (in our opinion). We are excluding our page, I Believe in Dover, although we think it’s pretty great so far.

My Milford

The folks running the My Milford page are on fire. They keep their content relevant and in sync with the city of Milford page. If you live in southern Delaware and are not already following this page, you should for fear of missing out. This page gave us the inspiration to start our community page. Right now they are collecting stories from locals to highlight. So give them a follow for all the FUN happening in their town, and watch them build a fantastic social media community.

Middletown Main Street 

The Middletown Main Street page is the place to go for all their local events. This page is up to date and regularly posting fun content for each event so that you avoid the frustration of missing any details. They have a great voice and create an enthusiastic vibe when promoting events like their most recent Grease themed festivities.

Historic Lewes Farmers Market

Farmers markets are huge these days. The Lewes Farmers market was doing it before it was cool. They utilize an Instagram feed to carry their message and get the info out to their peeps. They beautifully curate their imagery and aren’t afraid of a hashtag! Do yourself a favor and give them a follow, better yet head down for the next market.

Downtown Wilmington

Like many of the downtowns in Delaware, Wilmington is making an effort to improve. The Downtown Wilmington page is doing a great job of promoting all of the businesses that are working to make our largest city in Delaware great. They do a super job of sharing content and also posting original content and imagery of live events. Delaware

The tech scene in Delaware is growing. Practically everyday a new start up is announced. Delaware is keeping us up to date on the newest companies and exciting developments. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, technology or the economy in Delaware, we highly recommend this page.

Shameless Plug: I Believe in Dover

We said we wouldn’t…but we’re doing it. If you love Dover as much as we do, follow our community page I believe in Dover (yep, we stole Mayor Christiansen’s slogan). We look for opportunities to post about all of the amazing work that Downtown Dover entrepreneurs are doing. Nothing gets us more jazzed than engaging with other Delaware/Dover believers. So far we have a vibrant Facebook page, but check out our Instagram feed too. We’re developing the hashtag #dovereats for all you foodies! You can look forward to hearing more about I Believe in Dover right here.

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