Whiteboard Data Viz: Coffee!

Whiteboard Data Viz: Coffee!


We love coffee here in the Larson house. I love every type; americano, french press, pot brewed, even the occasional latte. After finalizing our newest data viz, I am beginning to understand why I am regularly pinging. You can check out a product of my abuse of coffee here with my twitter analysis of #netDE.

Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world. – Thomas Jefferson

This week Lynsey and I collected data on our coffee consumption.  I was a little surprised to discover just how much coffee I was drinking. We have illustrated a multi-plot visualization in order to demonstrate a few aspects of our coffee habit. On the left we have a line plot showing both Lynsey’s and my coffee consumption for each day of the week. Line plots are excellent for showing data over a period of time. As you can see here, it is easy to visualize how our consumption habits changed over time. One thing you might notice is that Lynsey’s consumption increased steadily as the week went on. I either drive her to drink more coffee or I am an enabler. No wonder she is more productive when I am around.  On the right, I have added a bar chart that shows the proportion of cups that we purchased vs cups brewed at home. I want to note that we did not use any pie charts. As I have been learning more about visualizations, I have come to agree that pie charts should be used sparingly.


As you can see I drink significantly more coffee than Lynsey. My weekly total came in at 37 cups while Lynsey came in at 26 cups. This difference is probably affected by the fact that I get up earlier than she does and usually sneak a cup in before I wake her and the kids. We also are pretty critical of purchasing coffee. I just bought us a new french press so that we buy less coffee (however this could led to me drinking more coffee on the weekend…mmmm French Press).


How many cups of coffee do you think you drink in a week? Now go out and measure it, how many do you actually drink?


Data Dan Larson is a data enthusiast who loves problem solving. He looks for ways to utilize data to optimize the world around. He’s also a papa who loves relating his findings back to life as a modern parent.

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