4 Ted Talks To Inspire Your Movement on Social Media

4 Ted Talks To Inspire Your Movement on Social Media

We love Ted Talks. They are short, full of inspiration and perfect for our attention span. We’ve pulled some of our favorite episodes all about social media and community. These talks have inspired us to look at our social media strategy differently. They all communicate one eye-opening theme…make your strategy engaging and INCLUSIVE of your followers.

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Here are 4 Ted Talks that will change your use of social media for your business or organization:

1. How to Make a Splash in Social Media by Alexis Ohanion

Let’s start with an example of the powerful tool of social media when it comes to the success of a movement. Alexis Ohanion, co-founder of Reddit, discusses the story of Mister Splashy Pants and how Greenpeace was able to take advantage of this internet movement. This talk is all about letting go of your control, and letting your followers lead the way to your success. A beautiful thing about the internet is that it provides a level playing field. If you are authentic and genuine, your community will take over and lead you to success. Now jump onboard the natural movement and take advantage of the attention!

Mister Splashy Pants is very similar to the more recent saga of Boaty McBoatface. If you are not familiar, England recently built a research vessel and crowdsourced a name. However, when Boaty McBoatface won the contest, the Research Minister quickly changed his mind decided to name the boat Sir David Attenborough.

2. The Tribes We Lead by Seth Godin

Let’s take a step back and talk about what a community is and what makes it so powerful. Recently we have become completely obsessed with the work of Seth Godin. If you want a blog that is short and thought provoking read Seth Godin’s  [and ours’ duh]. In this talk, he discusses our new era and how marketing must change to accompany this newness. He introduces the idea of Tribes. A Tribe is a collection of people who have similar interests. These Tribes form naturally around things that people are passionate about. Maybe it is Whales or your local community of small businesses. What Seth Godin adds is that Tribes need leaders. As he suggests, there is no one better to take the position of leader than you. So go out and start a movement.

 3. How to Start a Movement by Derek Sivers

“Start a movement they say… be a leader they say…”

Something along those lines is probably running through your head. Same here. Derek Sivers points out that it only takes one or two followers to transform the actions of a ‘Lone Nut’ into a successful movement. He highlights how important it is to foster community and teach with the ‘First Follow’. It is your ‘First Follow’ that teaches your Tribe how to follow. The lessons learned through the fun example he shows, can be applied to any social movement. Since marketing today is about building a following and engaging them, we can apply this talk and improve our social media strategy by finding our ‘first follow’ and relinquishing control. Want to see a cool analysis of a local movement? Check out our #netDE twitter analysis.

4. The Rise of the Social Employee by Mark Burgess

Finally, optimize the resources you have. How can you increase the power of social media for your business or movement? One strategy is to empower your employees/staff/team to be on social media and represent your movement. Marketing has changed, research shows that 90% of people do not trust advertising. On the other hand, 73% of people trust peer recommendations. So STOP trying to sell something all-the-time. Create a culture around your business, spread the word through your employee advocates and create your tribe.  *We will be sharing more about the importance of employee advocacy soon.

When we started writing this blog, we just wanted to share some of the Ted Talks that we love and have given us inspiration. However, once we began, it became evident that the conversation we were sharing was about the power of a movement. Social Media is a tool that allows you to develop a movement that is inspired by your vision. We feel inspired with this blog to start a movement that empowers small businesses to use social media. Join our tribe over on our #Slack channel.

What’s your favorite Ted Talk?

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