Share The Love: 3 Tools for Curating Content

Share The Love: 3 Tools for Curating Content

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I write about the rule of thirds in social media often. When it comes to your strategy, following this break down will create a balanced presence and awesome outreach for your small business. The first time I was introduced to this concept was while reading, The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick. If only I had some glittery time sand that could transport me delicately back to 2013 when we opened Dinos&Darlings. This eye-opening book would have made my life so much easier. My days of running around like a headless chicken would have been diminished. Obviously, I highly recommend this title if you are looking to get a DIY style handle on your social media accounts.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.55.15 PM
sometimes I like to imagine we are besties…in real life.

My favorite piece of the rule of thirds pie is the action of sharing or curating other’s great content. If you have a favorite blog, website or author in your relevant industry…you should be sharing their content with your followers. This doesn’t just show kindness to fellow businesses, it also helps your reputation. We’ve all been chatted up by that wedding guest. You know the one. They download every single mild to moderately exciting event that has occurred in their life since they last saw you…in 2006. They tell you the hilarious joke they recited in the break room last week, but do they ask about your career? Nope. Do you enjoy hearing about their cat’s amazing sense of smell? Not really. Do they even know your kids exist? Probably not. Do they stop their endless stream of self promotion to hear what you’ve been up to? Not even for a breath. My point is, unlike this obnoxious acquaintance, you must stop yourself from over dipping into the promotion punch.

more about the rule of thirds and other content formulas from CoSchedule.

Just as it’s important to be a good listener [see another rule of thirds: audience engagement], it’s key to share the great content that peers and leaders in your industry are publishing. Not only are you making friends and cultivating business relationships, you’re also becoming that really awesome wedding attendee who asks questions, listens authentically and is never sloppy on their own ego…I heard your dance moves are pretty sweet too.

I know scanning through your Facebook feed, scrolling from tweet to tweet and scouring the news for great content can be tedious. There are some really helpful tools out there to find and organize sharable, industry relevant content for you…

3 Tools for Collecting Quality Content for Your Curation

Alltop: Pull news articles, blog posts and hot topics through this awesome categorical search. This service is free and super user friendly. Simply create an account, and your set to hunt for some really enriching content. Sharing industry relevant articles creates an expert persona for you and your business.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.32.19 PM
set a few favorite topics and Alltop will keep you up-to-date on all related news and articles.

: Similarly to Alltop, this service makes sourcing juicy tidbits from around the web a breeze. Feedly is great for all you type A’s out there. Sign up for free and create “collections” of your favorite news and media sources.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.42.12 PM
you can see I created several collections. this is a glance at my social media collection.
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.42.51 PM
my favorite feature is the “today” tab. it gives me the ability to view a front page that is strictly the newest content from my collections.

Repost for Instagram
: This service, or a similar one, is a MUST for any small biz on Instagram. Repost is an app for your mobile device that appears much like Instagram. It allows you to search your feed, and pull and share images that speak to you. As we all know [or at least I hope], sharing other’s content ALWAYS requires a reference to the author or owner of the original. Grabbing a screen shot and sharing someone’s image without giving credit is NEVER okay. Repost makes this so easy with a tastefully placed icon mentioning the original company or person from which the image was sourced. This is another awesome way to build your peer community on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.44.58 PM
repost links right to your Instagram account. share all those inspiring quote images from your favorite places, and do it thoughtfully.

The rewards of properly sharing and siting the hard work of other businesses are too powerful to ignore. Small businesses should NOT overlook this important piece of the social media puzzle. When you start spreading the word for other companies, they will do the same for you. On a micro level, local brick & mortar businesses should be sharing their merchant neighbors’ events, promos and campaigns as well. If a customer asked you where to grab a great beer, you wouldn’t send them to the Applebees across town. You’d tell them about the amazing local restaurants and pubs serving up the best of what their industry has to offer…right? Please tell me you’re nodding your head. Keep this same mentality when it comes to your social media strategy. Sharing the love doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just do what you can and karma will be on your side in the end.

Lynsey is 29 going on 22…ahem. When she’s not filtering the ever growing realm of social media for her small business clients and friends, you’ll find her in the yoga studio, cooking with a glass of wine by her side and reading titles from her favorite female idols. The rest  of her time is spent jumping over piles of legos, wondering why she hasn’t developed a uniform for her children yet (laundry…pfff) and raising those heathens with her favorite blonde hipster. She’s on a mission to turn every small business owner into their own social media expert with the right tools, project management prowess and efficiency essentials. She’ll help you bust it down and build it back up without breaking the bank. Need help with topics of content curation and more for your small biz? Give her a shout:

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