Weekly Whiteboard Viz: 7 Days of Love, Life & Gifs

Weekly Whiteboard Viz: 7 Days of Love, Life & Gifs


We’re back at it. After taking the summer off, we are finally settling into our routine. As many of you know, the Fall tends to bring chaos in the form of early mornings, school events, weekend gatherings and more. I [Dan] finally got a copy of Dear Data (which Lynsey promptly stole) and it got me excited to visualize some day-to-day data. If you haven’t picked up a copy or seen them on social media, the Dear Data authors create incredible illustrations with the most mundane data.


Throughout this busy season, I noticed that Lynsey and I communicate mostly via text message. It is rare that we actually call each other. Read more about how seldom I answer my phone here. I think this is a common pattern for most mobile users. Lynsey and I have become pretty dependent on this communication method. Sometimes we even text each other while in the same room (okay, I am the only one who does that and it’s usually followed by Lynsey throwing something at me). For this week’s Viz, we drew a scatter plot showing the time of day and the number of text messages included within each of our conversations. We have added histograms (bar charts for continuous data) for each of the axis. We classified each conversation with one of six topic categories.


What we learned:

  1. Dan checks on Lynsey a lot.
  2. Lynsey usually has to remind Dan to come home from work…and bring wine.
  3. Putting the kids to bed takes so long that Lynsey and Dan send a lot of text messages to one another in order to avoid falling asleep themselves.
  4. Dan LOVES gifs.
  5. Lynsey mentions “kids” a bunch. One can only assume this is due to the frequency at which Gus either takes his pants off, climbs on countertops or steals candy…or all three at once. Good thing Dan checks on her a lot. (see #1)
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