Wisdom Wednesday: A 6 Year Old With Something to Say

Wisdom Wednesday: A 6 Year Old With Something to Say

Why we’re empowering our daughter to host her own weekly video feature:


The Platform

Social media is something we indulge in, network through and consume content from daily as adults. As parents we already know that our children are watching and making subconscious notes of our behavior. We try to share the applications of social media with our tiny humans in a safe way. Whether it’s a clip of another kid across the world doing something amazing, a photo of family members we don’t see enough or the latest Trolls trailer…there is something fascinating about making the world just a little bit smaller for our children. There is another benefit to sharing social with our kids, and that’s helping them understand the consequences of this world-wide sharing so that they can become empowered users. They are still quite young, but there are many lessons we plan to demonstrate as they get older. When I listen to my 10 year old niece talk about uploading her classwork to google drive, I am reminded that all of this technology will be native to their generation. Helping our kids to harness the power of social media in order to make an impact, connect with their world and create an overall positive relationship with these platforms seems to be the best we can do.

The Content

Nola has a lot to say. Much like her mama, she loves to tell stories and get a reaction. Her tangents can sometimes lose focus and go off topic…also like her mama. When Nola feels passionate about something, she has no problem articulating her reasoning. We always empower her to share and encourage her passion fueled rants. Point of view and critical thinking are important in our house. Our mission as of late has been to encourage Nola to back up her ideas and beliefs with facts. We correct her when she is wrong or goes rogue in conversation…and she in turn does the same for us. A video platform seemed like a great outlet for Nola’s interest in debate and performance. I (Lynsey) kept it simple. I told her she had about 1 minute to share something with the world and I would post it on social media. I made her a chalkboard sign and set the stage for her recording. I thought for sure she would talk about something slightly vague or random, but I didn’t want to squelch her plan with too many ideas of my own. I never expected her to turn her segment into a fact sharing knowledge bomb about cheetahs…

The Purpose

We want Nola and her little bro to feel heard…always. Their freedom to express their thoughts and beliefs in a meaningful way is a pillar of our parenting. Nola has an interest in a lot of industries. She also has strong feelings about equality and her own privilege. Of course, she doesn’t understand the ins and outs of mechanical engineering, feminism, civil rights, programming, marine biology or any other movement or field that interests her. But we want her to always feel excited to learn more, try harder and be better. So far she takes incredible ownership over her little video series. She gets way more specific than we anticipated. I mean, she could host an infomercial for GoldieBlox…


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Do you have a favorite activity, blog or book for empowering your kids? What do you tell your kids about social media? Share your Wisdom Wednesday topic ideas, Nola would love to hear them!

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  1. Dear Nola, I ❤️ Wisdom Wednesday! You are so wise. You must have had a great Pre-k teacher. 😀 I would love to hear you share your thoughts about why it is important to be kind.

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