12 Gift Ideas for the Modern Family

12 Gift Ideas for the Modern Family


The holidays are here, and you’re stumped. The last on your list is the modern family in your life. They seem to have more “stuff” than they need. They’ve made it clear that closet, basement, shed and creative storage space is maxed out. Each member of their crew is at a different age with different interests. What’s a gift giver to do?

You have two options:
1) Spend a fortune on individual, anxiety producing, pain staking gifts for each of them that will inevitably end up squashed in the trunk of the minivan for the duration of their trip home only to be hauled in to the house, overlooked and left in its box until the first blossom on the lilac bush (May 2019) OR…

2) Invest in a thoughtful, family wide, crowd pleasing, quality time inspiring FAMILY GIFT.

So whether you’re a distant auntie who loves blowing their socks off with your insightful and gracious giving or a fellow family who knows just what it’s like to grow weary of the holiday haul…THIS LIST IS FOR YOU.

12 Mindful Gifts for the Modern Family

STEAM focused FUN:

What is STEAM? Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. With STEAM programs on the rise, and a push to include kids of all ages in these thought provoking activities, a new market of toys has developed. The demand for easy access to STEAM fun has conjured up a melding of the old and new. From legos to robots, parents are looking for games, toys and activities that do more than just entertain their tiny humans for an hour.

Code Monkey Island is the new Mouse Trap. This game is sure to gather them all around for good, competitive fun. The littlest ones gain exposure to programming while the big kids hone their skills. If you’ve got a super STEAM savvy group to shop for, Code Monkey Island and other tech & science inspired gift giving can be found at RaisingNerd.com via their super rad gift guide here.

Move over 1,000 piece puzzle, the Raspberry Pi kit is the new family challenge! This starter kit will have your favorite team of aspiring engineers pumped to build their own computer. Unless older kids are the lucky recipients, we suggest making certain parents are onboard with this hands-on gift. This one is reasonably priced and available right on Amazon. For even more fun, you can add a keyboard and other accessories to the mix.

Tech is thrilling, but for a younger group, it’s always fun to get back to basics. Give them the gift of an ageless classic. Legos are an instant way to captivate kids and stimulate their brains. A break from the screen is an added bonus that parents will love you for. Throw in some of these peel and stick baseplates and you’ll be an instant holiday hero.

Thoughtful Reads for Them All:

E-Readers are space saving, resource conserving wonders, but some stories are just meant to be thumbed through and filed on the curated book shelf.


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a new nightstand staple. The inspiring women who assembled this anthology of the brave and bold women of our world began with a KickStarter campaign. This collection of stories is now available for every man, woman and child who needs a little reminder of or inspiration from the kick-butt women who impacted our world for the better.

A certain crowd pleaser for a young group. This silly book tells the tale of a story with no pictures. Surely this book will be no fun without illustration…turns out, it’s the most fun of all. This comes as no surprise with an author like B.J.Novak. Here’s a little peek at just how fun a book with no pictures can be…

A reminder that heroism comes in even the smallest packages, The Story of Ruby Bridges is one that should be shared again and again. In a time when social consciousness and an awareness of history seems more important than ever, Ruby’s story is a great way for children to learn about equality and bravery in times of change.

Art from the Heart:

What’s flat and fun and requires no storage space? Framed art! Better yet, framed art from authentic artists making a living off their passion. Sources like Etsy.com are chockfull of great handmade items from illustration, to embroidery to antiques. Find a whimsical artist that speaks to the whole family, buy their art, frame it…everyone wins!

Shaileyann Design via Etsy.com

Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve got Gilmore Girls on the brain. With a kitchen shelf full of Luke’s Diner mugs, this piece would be a welcome addition to any family with a love for the caffeine addicted, witty word flinging girls. Chances are, if they went radio silent the week the remake came out or if you generally hear them referring to each other as “such a Lorelai”, you can’t go wrong with this piece. PLUS, parents with teens will love the easy reference to a tech free dinner time or data-plan limit enforcement.

The Art of Seth | Thomas, WV available via Etsy.com

Based out of the funky little art town known as Thomas WV, the Art of Seth Thomas is whimsical yet completely thoughtful. Nearly any of his pieces would be the perfect eclectic character to add to a modern household.

Statement Stocking Stuffers:

From temp tattoos to matching accessories and inspirational pins, a collection of the tiniest goodies are sometimes the best. Grab a handmade basket and fill it up with a menagerie of items they won’t be able to wait to dig through. So instead of tossing it all in the trunk on the long ride home, they’ll be the coolest family on the interstate with their lego shades on and their tunes turned up.

Ugly Baby and LaRu | Seattle, WA available via Esty.com

No matter what you choose to give this holiday season, as always, it’s the thought that counts.


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