Whiteboard Viz: Candy Consumption

Whiteboard Viz: Candy Consumption


Here we go with the second week of our white board visualization. Check out last week data viz if you missed it. Weekly Whiteboard Visualizations

For the past week, Lynsey and I kept track of each time we gave in and let the kids have easter candy. The data does include a trip to Willy’s Farm and some candy was purchased. It also includes an end of the week free-for-all that happened just before I (Dan) got home from work (is that judgement I smell, Dan?-Lynsey). In addition to collecting the date and time, we also tracked our reasoning behind each use of our most powerful behavior support tool.


All and all we collected 55 data points (yes, we got a lot of candy for Easter). For this week, I drew Mosaic Plot (Lynsey did the labels). This plot is a great way to visually represent two or more qualitative variables. We classified the reasons into five category: Reward, Thief, Random, Cuteness and Outsmarted. You are probably wondering what constitutes “Outsmarted” and “Random”? Well, outsmarted includes all those times that the kids convince me that they will do what they are being asked to do if only they have candy first. This method never works and typically ends with them getting an additional piece of candy after they completed their task. Random mainly consisted of a single event that occurred at the end of the week. On Friday, I came home to a large quantity of  candy wrappers covering the floor. Apparently a free-for-all with the easter baskets had ensued. (the madness had to end, you’re welcome- Lynsey)

What did we learn from these data? Although I get called out when I use candy as a reward system, Lynsey clearly uses this tool more often than me. However, I am much more likely to be outsmarted by our 5 and 3 year olds when it comes to candy. Good thing the candy is gone! However, it is highly likely that Nola will outsmart me this weekend when we hit up the grocery store.

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