5 Podcasts We Can’t Quit

5 Podcasts We Can’t Quit

Lynsey and I seem to always be on the go. Although we both love to read, sometimes it is hard to sit down with a book…and driving while reading is not advisable (ask Lynsey how many times she’s almost rear-ended someone in the car rider lane). ENTER the podcast. This talk radio/books on tape inspired audio trend is essential to our way of life at the moment.  Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself current on almost any topic you can find. It’s a source of information and education that infuses itself into our busy routine with expert efficiency.

#podcasts and #slack and #buffer OH MY. Such good listening this morning.

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Here are 5 podcasts that we can’t quit:

1. Partially Derivative

This is one of my personal favorites. DJ Patel, the Chief Data Scientist for the United States, described it as “car talk for the data community”. The crew talks all things data science and beer (high fives to that).


2. Five Thirty Eight – Politics Podcast (and Data Point too)

Not surprisingly, I love Five Thirty Eight. Over the past year, I have been glued to the website and anxiously awaited every Monday afternoon for the politics podcast. Jodi Avirgan does an excellent job of blending data and journalism to give a sense of what is going on in our national political system. The Whats The Point Podcast looks at data in just about every field.



3. Not So Standard Deviations

So, this is probably the most nerdy podcast that I enjoy. Two of the top Data Scientists in the country discuss statistics (seriously, it doesn’t get any better). They talk a bit about my favorite programming language, R. If you are interested in Data, you should give this podcast a try.

4. Just Our Type

Yes, I am the more obvious nerd of our partnership, but Lynsey deserves some nerd-credit where it is due. One of her passions is Typography. To most of us, it is a simple choice between Times New Roman or Arial, but when Lynsey talks typefaces, she’ll open your eyes to the true meaning behind your choice. Just Our Type is a podcast she enjoys with her bullet journal in one hand and a hot coffee in the other while waiting to pick Gus up from pre-K.


5. I Tell My Husband the News

This one is pretty new for to our stream, but it is an instant keeper. It is short, roughly 15 minutes, and it does the job of keeping us up-to-date on the news. Plus, it’s REALLY funny and clever.

Adding to our queue: Women of the Hour

We haven’t had a chance to dive into this one yet, but after the Women’s March on Washington we are absolutely going to binge through it soon. We love Lena Dunham and feel passionately about women’s issues…if you hadn’t noticed.


Do you have a serious Podcast addiction? Give us some more titles to add to our line up!


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