Our Services: Coaching & Presentations

Our Services: Coaching & Presentations

We’ve made a few additions to the blog. You might have noticed our Reading List page as well as our sweet email sign-up pop-up (we tried to make it less annoying with a hilarious photo of Nola…you’re welcome). Whoop whoop! Sign up for our emails and you’ll get some really silly content direct in your inbox. We’ve also added a SERVICES page. It describes some of what we offer as well as a mini-portfolio of work we’ve done in each area we mention. We’re breaking these services down through individual blog posts…like this one! So first, we’re talking about COACHING & PRESENTATIONS.

→Here’s a few things we believe in:

  • community
  • engagement
  • social media

When these three combine (in superhero voice) the power is undeniable. We love speaking to organizations and companies of all sizes about how they can empower their employees to use social media and how doing so builds an internal community thus projecting a positive company message to clients, customers, students and the like. Whether your organization needs motivation, strategy or implementation (or all 3)…we can help. From department wide presentations on the power of social employee advocacy to one-on-one coaching with leadership on applications of social media, we conjure the style that will have the best impact on your team and strategy. Take a peek at some of our most recent sessions and slide decks:



Along with planning and presenting impactful material organization wide, coaching in a small group environment is a valuable tool. We offer guidance in the realm of social media for all levels and applications. Some topics and trends we’ve covered in one-on-one meet ups and team sessions:

  • individual social media platform registration and implementation
  • strategies for growth: like, comment, share
  • content curation vs. content creation
  • the rule of thirds and authenticity
  • consumption: how to curate your feeds to your needs
  • tools for efficiency: buffer, feedly and canva set up

If you or your team want to know how and why social media works to spread the good news about your organization, give us a shout. We are happy to come speak to the whole room or develop a series of training sessions that would work best for your crew.

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