2017: Resolutions for a Data Driven Year

2017: Resolutions for a Data Driven Year

As 2017 commences, it seems only fitting to share our RESOLUTION for the next 365 days. We’re referencing goals specific to our blog and data driven lifestyle of course. Don’t even get us started on the million other parenting-partnering-health-happiness and wellness resolutions we have milling around in our brains…we know you’re right there with us.

So here’s what you can look forward to from the Social Larsons in 2017:

DESIGN a weekly whiteboard data viz (every. single. week.) to share with you and hopefully make you laugh…and also probably crave coffee. #sorrynotsorry

  • How? We’re starting a data collection calendar. Each week for the next quarter, we’ll have a topic/problem/question lined up to give our data driven, coffee fueled minds a boost. We’re hoping this process will not only rustle up some fun and consistent content, but also push our data design to the next level. Check out some of our Whiteboard Data Visualizations from 2016:

EMPOWER Nola (and Gus…he makes a great comedic addition) to continue her Wisdom Wednesday series.

  • How? We plan to encourage her to dig a little deeper, articulate a little clearer and conceptualize the topics that interest her. It’s our hopes that she will continue to hold nothing back and share her opinions with you while developing her emotional intelligence through this weekly segment. Did you know, we have a YouTube channel that houses all of the WW segments thus far?

SHARE our favorite books, games, parenting resources, organizations, small businesses and data driven information with you.

  • How? We’ll continue to share our favorite things, hot data topics, local family adventures and more right here via our book list, reviews and blog posts. We are also kicking off our weekly Newsletter! This gem will include our weekly whiteboard data viz and other fun tidbits from our data driven family to yours. You may have seen that fancy little sign-up pop-up right here on our blog. If not, you can register for our weekly wackiness right here. You’ll also find us continuing to share all the kind and authentic goodness we can get our hands on via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too! So keep following along! We don’t promise much, except a solid smile (the kind that reaches from ear to ear)…who couldn’t use one of those?

We asked Nola and Gus about their resolutions for 2017…here’s what they said:

A revolution indeed…the future is female. #2017 #happynewyear #resolution2017 #futureisfemale

A video posted by The Social Larsons (@sociallarsons) on Dec 31, 2016 at 10:13am PST

We’ve shared ours…now we’ve got to know. WHAT’S YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?

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