Whiteboard Data Viz: A Viz in Review 2016

Whiteboard Data Viz: A Viz in Review 2016

Last year we launched this blog (yep, this one right here) on the heels of closing our brick and mortar modern family boutique.  At first we were all over the place…read more about that here. After six months of late night brainstorming and lots of coffee, we landed on the idea of running a Data Driven Lifestyle Blog. So, what sort of data design nerds would we be without visualizing everything we’ve shared with you in 2016?

Over the past year, we published 37 blog posts and a total of 13 videos in an effort to build our blog. These don’t include the countless images, thoughts and opinions we’ve published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



For this visualization, we have illustrated the various types of posts and activities using a triangle bar chart. This type of chart uses triangles in place of the usual rectangles. Each triangle represents a different category of posts. We have included duplicates so that posts published under multiple content types are counted multiple times.

We shared data visualizations, twitter analysis, blog posts about our local adventures, video content and more.

Obviously, we have shared with you…a lot. Thanks for listening. We’re finally hitting our stride and having a blast designing our weekly visualizations. Not to mention, the lessons we’re learning…like that we probably drink too much coffee and need to put our phones down more often. Did we tell you about all the cool people and organizations we’ve discovered along the way? Open Data DE provides tons of data inspiration, not to mention resources. We assembled a popular baby names viz thanks to them. Raising Nerd and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls have become go-to sources for raising empowered and super kind tiny humans. Locally, we’ve discovered ways to encourage our kids to be involved in S.T.E.A.M. (and had a blast doing it). Most importantly, we’ve uncovered that our families are willing participants and guinea pigs when it comes to our data driven experiments (especially if there’s good beer involved).

So there you have it! A year of sharing…thanks for caring and following along! You can see what we have planned for this year AND sign up for our brand new newsletter here.  If 2017 has you a little nervous, you can at the very least guarantee yourself a few laughs via our visualizations of chaos, sleep deprivation and coffee consumption.
So don’t worry…


You’ve totally got this. Cheers to 2017!


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