Whiteboard Data Viz: Say My Name

Whiteboard Data Viz: Say My Name

As soon as Lynsey thought of the title for this visualization, the family was exposed to an eye opening “Teen Lynsey” lip sync flash back.


As the parents of two kids, we hear the words ‘Mom’,’Dad’,’Mama’,’Dada’,’Daddy’ and every other variation…a lot. There’s only two of them, so we have a solid 1 on 1 situation in our household. Can you imagine how this mom of quadruplets feels?  ↓↓↓↓↓


So this weekend we decided to collect and visualize just how many times and why our kids say our names. We collected the data for a 12 hour period (basically our Saturday in a nutshell). Due to the snowy weather, the data was even more plentiful than we could have imagined. Here is a video of Lynsey breaking down the data collection for you via our FB live.


We classified each ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ mention throughout the day within five categories: Just Saying, Feed Me, Question, Conflict, and Other. Just saying was when either Nola or Gus said ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ but didn’t actually need anything. Feed me was when the kids were asking for food or drink. Our kids ask a lot of questions so that needed to be a category of its own. Having two kids close to the same age allows for many squabbles, thus conflict resolution was a key category. With a house full of relatively new Christmas gifts, there was plenty of sharing conflict to document. Finally, there were several instances where the kids said our name for some other reason (imagine that), so we classified them as other.

DataDan designed and illustrated this viz solo. Lynsey touched up the lettering…duh.

After collecting the data, we learned that the kids say ‘Mom’ more often than they said ‘Dad’. Additionally, Gustave was more likely to address us than Nola in most categories. However, Nola has far more questions for both parents than Gus does (feigning surprise over here). Overall, we realized that while things could still potentially be more chaotic (see mom of quadruplet toddlers ↑), it may be time to invest in matching noise canceling headphones…and a pair of express tickets to any train of thought…at all.



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