Coffee: A Love Story

Coffee: A Love Story

we like coffee.

we like it in the car.

we like it from a jar.

we like it as a snow cone.

we like it when we’re in the zone.

A little #gilmoregirls break! #lukesdiner #starshollow #coffee #blackfriday

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we like it while we read…

Great way to end an amazing weekend. #coffeeandbooks

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and read…

Sunday afternoon… #coldbrew and #economics

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and read some more.

Coffe and data storytelling. That sums up my day! #datastoryteller

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we like to watch it pour.

we like it when we go out west.

Made it to #seattle! Not even here 24 hours and @sociallarsons is plotting our move.

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we like to share it with our best.

We like it most while we work.

Stole this coffee mug from @sociallarsons today! #productive

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it gives us the perfect amount of perk.

Coffee, this is an ode to our love for you,
in all your flavors, notes and style of brew.
If you ever doubt our dedication,
just have a look at our coffee data visualization.





Curious about all the coffee we consume? Here’s a few of our favorite sources of caffeine. Share your favorite coffee shops, coffee brands and more with us!

  1. Califia Farms Cold Brewscreen-shot-2017-01-19-at-11-52-11-am
  2. High Brew Coffeescreen-shot-2017-01-19-at-11-55-05-am
  3. Governor’s Cafe | Dover, DEscreen-shot-2017-01-19-at-1-03-00-pm
  4. LOMA | Wilmington, DEscreen-shot-2017-01-19-at-1-02-36-pm

5 thoughts on “Coffee: A Love Story

  1. Wow, we can say, we love coffee every time. When we are alone or with friends, before exercise or after hectic work, during writing or watching tv, during and after a long run, discussing with wife or colleague, Even on date, morning, evening, late nights every time. Coffee is our best friend, it’s with us when we need it. And we can’t forget about our reliable coffee machines and grinders. Which help us to invent a tasty coffee every time.

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