Whiteboard Data Viz: A Week of Wake-ups

Whiteboard Data Viz: A Week of Wake-ups

Just how early do you need to wake up to experience one of those euphorically depicted mornings complete with meditation, full hair and makeup and the entire family gathered around the table for a wholesomely home cooked breakfast? After collecting data on our morning routine, we’ve come to a conclusion. 3:37AM…that’s what time you’d need to get your ass out of bed in order to live out the picturesque scene commercialized by breakfast cereal brands.

If waking up at the same time you went to bed in college ain’t your thing, then you’re in good company. We spent the week tracking the details of our wake-up routine. We tracked how many times we hit snooze, what time we actually got out of bed, how many tries it took to wake the kids, when they actually woke and what time we all made it down stairs and out the door. Things got really interesting exhausting when the kids came down with a bug early in the week. It was in this exhausted, coffee dependent state that we wrote an ode to coffee. Enjoy.


We did our best to continue accurately tracking all the morning details despite the chaos that always it never stops we’re so tired occasionally accompanies parenthood.


As you can see, we tracked Tuesday – Saturday from 5am on. Dotted lines represent that there was an alteration in the schedule, ie: sick kids. The lines end when we eventually make it out the door, you may notice that Wednesday’s line has no end…Dan is the only one who made it out the door. The time each of us awoke is represented by a colored ellipse whose size grows depending on how many times the snooze was hit (in the kids’ case, how many times we had to sing/tickle/nudge before those little eyelids lifted).

A few observations:

  • Dan hits the snooze…a lot. Why does he not just change the alarm time? We’ll never know.
  • The kids generally take their wake-up cue from Lynsey.
  • We’re tired.
  • Parenting is hard.

We enjoyed finding a few other families who could relate to our morning struggles. This NYC fam shared 5 Days of Morning Commutes in the City. And the Holderness Family did not disappoint with this hilarious video showcasing the true life scenario of cold weather, coats and getting them out the door.

What’s your morning like?  Are you a snooze addict like Dan? Or do you manage to achieve the type of mornings we can only assume are a myth?


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