Whiteboard Data Viz: Super Bowl

Whiteboard Data Viz: Super Bowl

As much fun as it is to analyze our habits, routines and parenting tendencies with data collection, we really get a kick out of sourcing our content from YOU. You’re our little community. Made up of friends, co-workers and families just like ours. Your lifestyle is interesting, and pulling data from your input always makes for a fun visualization. You may remember our last audience data collection all about snow days.

We saw great participation in that poll, so we figured we’d give it another whirl. And wow! We earned double the survey entries. More participants means more data to visualize! We took things a step further than the standard Facebook Poll and used a Google Document this time around. Lynsey was concerned using a click through form would lower participation, but that was not the case. Further, using the google doc allowed us to ask you even more questions and collect more layered data. See below our SUPER BOWL DATA BLITZ. We took advantage of the main event and shared our survey on Sunday morning. We’re learning that coordinating our audience data collection with current or trending events definitely boosts reach and participation. In the survey we asked you all about your preferred Super Bowl experience…

SuperBowl Collection copy.png

In the data community, heat maps are all the rage (nerd alert- Lynsey). This type of visualization allows for the analyst to quickly view multiple variables at once. For this viz, we showed the average score for each element of the evening by both where respondents watched the game and which team they were rooting for. The scale goes from highest rated to lowest rated (1st-6th).


The result that we found the most interesting was that the game itself was rated as less important across the categories. FAMILY TIME and FOOD were always the highest rated elements of the evening. And who knew Patriots fans were all about that Lady Gaga concert? We can’t help but wonder what the results of this poll would have looked like during that unprecedented overtime?! But seriously, the one theme that follows throughout all our audience polls is that our little community is all about that L.O.V.E.—not surprising knowing you guys.



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