Obscure Valentines

Obscure Valentines

We are in the midst of our weekly data collection. This week’s subject? KISSES. After all, cupid’s arrival is less than a week away! DataDan has been tracking smooches between the two of us since Monday. We thought about collecting data on the kisses we exchange with the kids, but then decided that could complicate things. Talk about layered data…including what constitutes a kiss? Butterfly kisses? Eskimo kisses? Belly raspberries? How much slime, food or questionable contents are delivered along with the kiss? You see what I’m saying? Kids + Kisses…not as simple as it seems. Nonetheless, we are already seeing lots of pattern in the timing of our kisses. Dan is still on a mission to somehow track me down mid-day to lay a smacker on me, just to create a data point anomaly.

Collecting this data has kept L.O.V.E. and how we show it on the front of our minds. And not just between each other, but the kids and other peeps in our lives. Valentine’s Day always seems to serve as an experiment in how intentionally we can share the love with those who are special to us. So on that lovey-dovey-oh-so-sweet note…I threw together some valentines for you to share on social media with your favorite loved ones. But be warned, these aren’t just any style of valentine. They’re what I am calling “obscure love notes”. If you’re nerds like us, you’ll probably enjoy them. If not…relish in the fact that you’re a little less nerdy than the rest of us. But you still love us, right?

For the independent spirit this Valentine’s Day:

The rest of this song is completely delightful wildly inappropriate. BUT we can’t help but worship Iggy for her independent streak and feminist undertones. So whether you’re flying solo or not this v-day, you’ve got to love yourself first right?


For your Galentine:

If you haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day yet, let me blow your mind. This holiday (originating from the series Parks + Rec) is all about celebrating and supporting the women in your life. It’s about taking a minute to appreciate each other and glow in the power of friendship. So grab your crew and hit the mimosa bar STAT.


For your boo-boo kitty, love bunny, schnookums:

If you’re not a HIMYM fan, this may be lost on you. But there’s still time…and Netflix. Two of the starring characters (Lily & Marshall) showcase the joy, challenges, adventure and hilarity that ensue between soul mates as they take on LIFE. So if you’ve got a Marshall or a Lily in your life…cheers to you! If you’re as independently successful as Robyn…get it! If you’re as sappy and soulful as Ted…keep on doing your thang! But whatever you do, don’t be a Barney. Am I right?


I hope you have as much fun sharing these obscure valentines as I had making them! Finally, a question I posed to Nola & Gus this week…

What’s LOVE got to do with it?!


Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU…wherever you are and whoever you love!


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