Whiteboard Data Viz: Lay One on Me Time-line

Whiteboard Data Viz: Lay One on Me Time-line

With Valentines day practically here, we wanted to find a way to visualize just how smitten we are with each other. We decided to track the most basic of relationship gestures, the kiss. Over the past week we simply recorded each occurrence of a big smacker. We only tracked the kisses between each other. (avoiding the layered data collection that would be the kids’ diverse array of kisses. read more on that here.)


For the visualization, we recorded each kiss as a line across a bar that represented 18 hours we were awake. Each bar represents a day of the week and each line represents a kiss. The thicker bars represent times when the number of kisses recorded was too dense to be easily represented as individual lines (we know what you’re thinking, and we’re okay with it).


As you can see, we started each day off with a plethora of kisses. Then, there would be a huge gap while the two of us were at work. The pattern is easily recognized. On Monday and Wednesday, I (DataDan) returned home from work around 4:45. On Tuesday and Thursday, I was home by 7 after teaching class. All week, I attempted to create an outlier kiss in the middle of the day by catching up with Lynsey at some point. Finally, I accomplished my goal on Friday with a mid day visit to Lynsey and Gus. BOOM!

This data viz is our 7th on a 7 week streak of consistent lifestyle data tracking and design. To celebrate our success at finally creating this consistency (they say if you do something 6 times in a row it becomes a habit), we decided to reward ourselves. So, in the spirit of the holiday we grabbed a set of matching meundies! This won’t be the first time we’ve proudly donned coordinating skivies…

meundies has become our favorite way to secretly match (whoops, cats outta the bag) since we discovered them via the Five Thirty Eight podcast. Stay tuned for our review on these hilarious and oh-so-soft accessories soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you…now go lay one on a loved one!


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