Data on the Daily: What is Quantified Family?

Data on the Daily: What is Quantified Family?

Ever notice our frequently used hashtag, #quantifiedfamily ?


A while back, I came across the concept of quantified self , which wikipedia defines as:

The Quantified Self,[1] also known as lifelogging, is a movement to incorporate t echnology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (mood, arousal, blood oxygen levels), and performance, whether mental or physical. In short, quantified self is self-knowledge through self-tracking with technology.”

And here is a ted talk about it:

And a book to read, if you’re into that:

Lynsey and I have embraced this concept of logging our behaviors from a slightly different perspective, family life. There are so many ways that we can understand and improve our routines, simply by tracking them for a while. If you follow our Data Vizzes, you have seen some of the ways that we visualize the data. What you’re not always privy to, are the conversations sprouted by these data collections. For instance, when we tracked good and bad habits health for two weeks, we talked a lot about strategies we each used to make good choices.

Currently, we are tracking our weekly grocery lists and their coordinating market (and by market, we mean Target) receipts. The goal is to understand what we purchase each week, both planned and unplanned in order to streamline our shopping system or just get more bang our buck. I’m guessing the first discovery we’ll make is that Gus and I should never be sent to the grocery store together…

What family behaviors do you think would be worth observing?

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