We Want to Data Visualize YOU

We Want to Data Visualize YOU

Don’t let the title scare you off! We promise, it’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds.


Here’s the deal…

Our site has been upgraded! It’s pretty subtle, but we’re so happy with it and it’s got us all sorts of excited to hit the ground running with some new data visualizations. So, have a look around and let us know what you think. A few things you may notice:

  • Data on the Daily: We’re sharing how data affects our lifestyle decisions in a new format. Data on the Daily is a view into our quantified family life via regular (hopefully daily) posts from Data Dan or Social Lynsey. Our objective is to demonstrate the ease at which data can be accessed by anyone in order to positively impact (in efficiency and wisdom) decision making of any level of importance.

  • Amazon Links: On our side bar, you’ll notice our new status as amazon affiliates. We’re using this to share all of our favorite data collection and design products with you. Additionally, if you watched our 1 Million Cups presentation, you know this is one way to begin monetizing our blog. Holla!
  • Ease of Use: We like to think it looks just plain prettier. Not to mention, it’s much easier for our audience to navigate. Do you agree?

To kick things off with a bang, we’re offering up a fun potential prize for any of our awesome fans who share our site. Share our website on Facebook OR Twitter (making sure to TAG us so you get credit) and we’ll toss your name in the hat for a…wait for it…




So share this post [or ANY of your favorites of ours], tag us, and be entered to WIN. If your name is drawn…

we’ll chat about what lifestyle elements you’re interested in tracking, assist in data collection and wrap the whole thing up with a whiteboard data viz for you to call your very own.

We’ll wrap this up on FRIDAY the 14th, so get to SHARING. Every single share is an entry to WIN. Here’s some of our favorites from the archives:

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