Data on the Daily: Earth Day!

Data on the Daily: Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re sharing this interactive data viz on energy use by state. We stumbled upon this gem on Tableau Public. The visualization uses open data to show the proportion of energy that comes from each major energy source, broken down by state. States are represented by a hexagon. Viewers can change energy source (coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable, hydro, petroleum) by selecting the timeline for each source. The fill inside the state hexagons represent the proportion of a state’s energy that is made up by the selected method.  Additionally, the fill color becomes that of the selected energy source title when that form of energy is the predominantly used in the state. Confused? We’re not doing it justice. Click around! The beauty of this viz is that the more you interact with it, the more you GET IT.



What do you think? Are you disappointed or pleasantly surprised by your state’s energy use and contribution? Where and how can your state improve? This viz is a great example of why we’re so passionate about open data and successful visualization:

  1. Open data gives everyone access to important information, but this information can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to navigate.
  2. Data Visualizations (like this one) hand over the power of information to everyone through good design and translation.

In a time when facts are losing their traction and science is less of a priority…we need data. And we need it to be clear, concise and compelling. Hopefully you find this visualization as helpful (and beautiful) as we did. Happy Earth Day!

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