Data on the Daily: Snoop Loves Data!

Data on the Daily: Snoop Loves Data!

Did you know Snoop Dogg loves data?

Watch this quick video by David Boyle about the possibilities that blossom from a negotiation in the war between creative business operations and data driven decision making. With expertise in the creative worlds of publishing and music, David offers a logical argument for the use of data driven guidance in any creative business. And…he shares why Snoop Dogg loves data, and why you should too!

Here’s our favorite highlights from David’s talk:

“Complex data science boiled down to something people can keep in their heads and use on the day to day.”

keep it simple

“(Data scientists) find the optimal solution, make the recommendation, get the answer for people. For creative businesses, you have to add skilled judgement, expertise, gut instinct, alongside data to make the best decision.”

creativity + data = BFF 4 LIFE

“I’ve seen that if you remember that it’s about the people and you give them data to help make decisions, then it can be at the heart of the creative process. It can help people make better, bolder and smarter decisions.”

love your data
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