Data on the Daily: Ted Talk Tuesday

Data on the Daily: Ted Talk Tuesday

There’s nothing we love more than a Ted Talk. We can’t be alone on this…right? We recently found this oldie-but-goodie from 2010 with David McCandless. David is an incredible data visualizer and author. His enthusiasm sparks from the ability to condense complex information into a beautiful and clear graphical representation, easily consumed and understood by everyone (data geek or not). And he gets it…just have a look at his book:

If you find yourself wondering if humans can predict the future, just watch his Ted Talk. David accurately foresees the growing role of design in data analysis and interpretation…seven years ago.

Here’s some of our favorite bits from his talk:

“There’s something quite magical about visual information, it’s effortless (to consume).”

almost as magical as this unicorn effortlessly riding a bike

“If you’re navigating a dense information jungle, coming across a beautiful graphic or data visualization is a relief. It’s almost like coming across a clearing in the jungle.”

“There is a language of the eye. Combine that with the language of the mind. (in reference to design and data)”

a match made in heaven


David describes himself as, all along, having had a dormant design literacy. Maybe you do too…

tap into your data-side
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