I just hit “publish”…

I just hit “publish”…

What is Go Go Bambino (Working Name)?

THE RIGHT NOW:  It is an idea focused on providing quality parenting goods to the modern moms and dads of the Del-Mar-Va region via a mobile boutique. We are building our plan to convert a truck, trailer or RV into a shop on wheels. I am passionate about the idea that children’s goods can be safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, locally sourced OR any combination! We hope to carry a variety of useful items that are artisan created, thoughtfully produced and most importantly fun!

What are these modern brands we’re talking about? Well, here’s a few that we LOVE. Companies like these that put time and thought into the creation of their product and how it will directly impact your little one’s learning, health, sleep, play, etc. So, these are the sorts of brands we would love to represent one day. They vary from large organizations to single-artisans.







THE FUTURE: My long term dream for Go Go Bambino is much more than a retail shop on wheels. I’ve thought a lot about our potential contributions to our demographic; moms, dads and kids. I have of course a zillion and one ideas, but here’s a few:
-Working with the local shelters as a hub for donations of high-quality necessities for baby and mom.
-With the help of local experts, providing education to parents who desire more information on a variety of topics in modern parenting.
-Offering home shopping parties with a percentage of the proceeds dedicated to family-centered charities.

ONE STEP AT A TIME: For now, this blog is an outlet for our experience developing this dream. Our first (BIG) step will be developing a budget, business plan and funding ideas. We are considering creating a KickStarter page to raise money for the vehicle. You can look forward to more posts including details on:

What is a mobile boutique?(featuring awesome boutiques that inspired this idea.)
Interior Ideas. (Pinterest overload.)
Logo Creation. (I seriously have no idea, but I love branding!)
Merchandising. (What are your favorite products? Here’s more of ours.)
KickStarter. (creating our campaign.)
Where can we sell? (Licensing, permits, festivals, farmers markets.)
The importance of social media. (creating our accounts.)

We are full of ideas, but we want to get your input as well. We will be crowdsourcing lots of ideas as we go forward. Follow along if you’re interested in learning with us and contributing your thoughts! This post is our official “no-going-back-now” leap…so here we go go!

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