Weekly Whiteboard Viz: Homework

Weekly Whiteboard Viz: Homework


I am sure that for every parent who sends their first kid to school, there is an adjustment period for homework. Lynsey and I have never been able to get into a good homework routine. I figured that tracking data last week about Nola’s homework habits (er…our homework habits) would help us to improve our approach. Let me add that we are not taking a stand for or against homework. Nola loves it actually. She loves it so much that she develops each (mini) assignment into an hour long art project or theatrical reenactment. This is adorable, yet exhausting. She once marked every one of her 30+ sight word flash cards with a giant pencil check mark. When she completed reciting (and checking off) her cards, she informed us she would now need time to erase…every. single. check. Cause ya know, she has to start fresh next time.


This week’s visualization is made up of two bar charts. The top one, indicates the number of assignments that need to be completed on each day of the week (Monday through Thursday). It should be noted that Nola is sent home on Mondays with a homework sheet that lists the assignments for the entire week. Everything is due on Friday. Typically, there are four assignments that should be done each day. These are mini routine building tasks, ie: read this week’s poem and practice new sight words. As the week progresses, I have stacked the incomplete assignments on the next day’s assignments.

The bottom chart shows the number of assignments we actually complete each night. You will notice that the majority are done on Thursday night (If Nola’s Teacher is reading this, do not hold our homework completing patterns against her). Finally, along the left side of the bottom chart we have added an emoji scale to show Nola’s feelings related to the to the number of assignments she must complete in a night. Trying to get a 5 year old to do nine assignments in one night is not good for anyone…thus our new mission to do the homework as assigned!

PS: Nola’s teacher was just named TEACHER OF THE YEAR for her school. So shout out to her and all her hard work. Nola worships her and we feel lucky to have such a great resource for our family as we delve into the school years. *Cheers to teachers around the globe.

What data would you like me to track? Leave a comment here, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with what family data we should try to visualize. This is fun. 

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