Looking Local: Adventures in Downtown Dover

Looking Local: Adventures in Downtown Dover

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One silver lining of closing down Dinos&Darlings this winter has been FAMILY SATURDAYS. The whole weekend feels different in fact. We are able to slow down because our entire weekend isn’t crammed into Sundays. However, we have learned that for the sake of the children, we need to deny our instinct to spend every free moment rebuilding our beloved home that has been neglected for 2 years. We’re talking a broken window, overgrown shrubbery, missing shingles…the usual angry neighbor fueling stuff. [I should note our neighbors are pretty great. Actually, they mowed our lawn on the regular when we were in the midst of chaos.] After closing the shop, we spent a few weekends getting our shit on lock affairs in order. The kids quickly became pretty bored with all the “isn’t it great to just play with your toys all day” BS. So we’ve recently stepped up our game and gone on a few adventures. It’s been particularly difficult for us to go downtown in person. We of course, keep reppin our favorite hood via I Believe in Dover, but it’s been tough to walk past that empty store front that was home to our dreams and so many memories. BUT time heals…and adventure awaits! We hit up the downtown scene this weekend during the Dover Public Library’s STEM Makerfest.

More FREE events like this one here.

Nola and I started our day with some YOGA at our new favorite spot. Tula Yoga & Reiki Professionals is located on South State Street. It’s run by a pair of female powerhouses. In an intimate colonial home with romantic fixtures and uplifting ambience, this yoga practice is soul shaking. But I digress.

Tiny yoga feet. If you have kids between 1year-13yrs check out the kids’ program at Tula Yoga NRP

After class, we bopped over to Governor’s Cafe for a quick lunch and COFFEE…duh. It was delicious, quick and just the right thing. Nola and I hit the chessboard for a game of “Nola chess”. It’s a complicated match of wisdom and will power, and let’s just say the game is often in favor of its creator.

Would ya look at all those DE governors, right here in the capital city.

After we refueled, it was time for ROOOOOOOBOTTTTSSSSSS! And legos, and drones, and 3D printers, and awesomeness. [that’s how I would imagine the 10 year old version of Data Dan describing it.]

STEM [Science/Math/Engineering/Technology] is trendy right now…which is pretty fantastic when you consider the topics that are typically trending in our society. The DPL housed an impressive open house with a range of presenters. We learned about drones and their use in wildlife conservation. We experienced the basics of civil engineering by playing with ramps and marble runs. There were bots designed to play T-ball and fetch the balls themselves.

A terrific visual for kids to grasp human impact on the environment.
Machines from basic to compound…all made with LEGOS.

Let’s wrap things up with a highlight for each member of the Larson crew: 

He used the 3D printer demo as the perfect shot at convincing me that we needed one. We could print all. the. things. He also loved the 3D printed Dalek we were able to snag for the kids.
Me: I was thrilled with the opportunity to open a dialogue with Nola about the environment. There were tons of presenters on conservation, agriculture and the like. This Makerfest did not neglect to represent some of the oldest campaigns for the planet Earth.
Nola: ROBOTS. When we walked in, the staff gave us the general description of the layout and then ended with…”and the robots are on the third floor.” Nola found the stairs faster than she finds me eating dark chocolate chips in the corner of the kitchen.
Gus: Did I mention there were Legos? And not just any legos. The kind that make working gears and machines. I’ve never seen that dude so star struck by a piece of plastic. AND he got to take home a 3D printed lego!

It was a fun day and everyone’s interests were included. And the best part…we did it all in our downtown. All within a 3 mile radius. So before you drive to the next city over, I challenge you to do a little digging. Look up local museums, libraries, restaurants, shops. Start local before you expand your search. A little planning and a beautiful day made for the perfect family adventure in Downtown Dover. Are you having a moment of FOMO? Here are some TIPS to keep from missing out on your town’s events.

Nola’s obviously talking about how much she loves this town.

*Love STEM projects and experiences? Us too! Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to all things smarty pants. There’s some really great summertime activities for kids of all ages.

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  1. Hey Lynsey & Dan, here’s another great family Saturday idea for May 7: come to Delaware Wild Lands’ celebration & open house at our newest conservation success in Taylors Bridge. It’s free, but please do pre-register. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/celebration-open-house-at-taylors-bridge-roberts-farm-tickets-24440552350) Thanks for stopping by our table at the STEM Makerfest and mentioning our wildlife conservation drone in your blog. Andrew, our drone pilot you met, will be at the May 7 open house and actually FLYING the drone this time. Spread the word — and bring lots of spring sunshine!

    1. That is awesome! I’m so glad you saw our post and were able to share. You guys had a great presentation during the MakerFest. So pleased to see you represented there. We are unfortunately out of town tomorrow visiting family, but will spread the word to other locals! Thank you again for your wonderful work.

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