What is Go Go Bambino?

What is Go Go Bambino?

What is a mobile boutique? 
It’s a boutique on wheels, obvi. A shop with the ability to go to its customers, whether that’s at festivals, markets or home parties. Step trucks are the most popular form of mobile shops. Usually a medium size truck (imagine a FedEx or u-haul size) with the back opening up and steps to pull out. For more info on mobile boutiques in general check out this great site developed by the owners of Le Fashion Truck. The American Mobile Retail Association:  http://americanmobileretailassociation.blogspot.com/

Why a mobile boutique?
Well, frankly I saw this one and fell in love. I have been toying with the idea of a retail store for about a year now. The concept was a modern parenting boutique called Stinky Toad (a term of endearment for my daughter). I wanted to fill it from floor to ceiling with all the parenting tools I researched and could only ever find online over the last three years. Baby carriers, cloth diapers, wooden toys, necklaces (the kind that are safe for mom to wear with sneaky teething babies), nursing bras and accessories, organic clothing and bedding, the list goes on and on and on. As many of you modern parents know, these items are not cheap. They are all sound investments for sure, but who wants to spend that kind of money without being able to touch, try on, test out the product in person? This all made me want to open up shop. To provide a place where you could learn about the newest green parenting products, but also find awesome and unique baby gifts. I began a business plan and researched what it takes to run a brick and mortar store. I slowly came to the realization that with two kids under four years old, I could not commit the proper amount of time and work it takes to run a successful shop at this moment. While I want a future shop to be completely kid friendly and fully intend on bringing my kids to work with me, there was just no way I could bring a 3 year old and 9 month old to a shop every single day for 6+ hours a day. I currently work as a social media coordinator for the owner of an incredible downtown shop, so my standards for opening my own boutique are EXTREMELY high. If I am going to do it one day, I want to do it RIGHT. Thus, Stinky Toad was put on hold.

When I saw an article featuring The Passionista Truck, I was enthralled! First, it’s adorable. Second, how genius? A shop that comes to its customers, makes its own hours (within reason), requires significantly less overhead than a brick and mortar shop and could be a real adventure! While I LOVE the name Stinky Toad and the original shop concept, I wanted something that worked with the mobile shop concept as my name and branding. So Go Go Bambino was born.

family 1
The one and only Stinky Toad and her bro. Photography by Stacy Hart Photography…she’s amazing!

What is Go Go Bambino?
Well, it will be like a mini Stinky Toad. For now, I am skipping the baby carriers and cloth diapers. I have several brands I love and would love to feature in the shop. Smaller items like:
teething jewelry
handmade rattles
handmade bedding and animals
organic clothing
small wooden toys
organic bath and body (for mom and baby)
nursing bras
nursing accessories
kids Toms shoes (day dream!)

What items do YOU think belong in a mobile modern parenting boutique? What product do you love, and would love even more if you could find it in a physical shop?

Take a peek at this Pinterest inspiration…I think you’ll fall in love.

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