Adventure & Analysis

ICYMI, we shared some big news on social media this week…

The short of it…we’re moving to PHILLY! In typical Social Larsons style, we plan to over share our journey to a new city. As part of our mission to live a data driven lifestyle as a quantified family, we have big plans in store. From analyzing real estate stats and illustrating the tower of boxes we’ll need, to crowd sourcing your feedback on best areas to live and tips for making a minimalist transition…we’re hoping you’ll follow along and chime in. The adventure begins as we prepare to list our coveted home (cringe). So stay tuned for some emotional insight into the gut-punch that is leaving a home we wish we could take with us, as well as the dirty-dusty details of sorting 5 years of collections, mementos and memories. DataDan will be commuting to the beautiful campus of DREXEL UNIVERSITY (squeeee!) for several months. This will surely induce more of the data designed parenting whoas and challenges that you’ve grown to love. We have our sights set on city living and new opportunities for our little crew, not forgetting the beautiful start that Delaware gave our family.

So look out PHILLY, the Larsons are comin’ in HOT…and caffeinated.


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